Responsive Dealer Websites

Responsive, Progressive Website Design

Responsive, Progressive Website Design, Steering Innovation

Innovative, custom designed automotive dealer website build with Bootstrap on the WordPress platform. At Steering Innovation we use the proven WordPress platform to deliver the best admin Content Management System, best SEO platform, and coupled with custom designed theme, your dealer website will stand a cut above the competition.

Responsive, Progressive Dealer Website Design

What Is A Responsive Car Dealer Website?

With a Responsive Website Design (RWD) only one dealership website is needed for all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet). The dealer’s website is scaled to fit the user’s device providing a seamless user experience across all devices. We design our sites with a “Mobile-First” approach focusing on the user experience of a mobile or tablet user.

Why Have A Responsive Car Dealer Website?

Recommended By Google

Google’s mobile shift and ranking algorithm to include mobile-friendly sites has put a huge emphasis on needing a mobile-friendly website.

Seamless User Experience (UX)

Since your website has the same look & feel and functions the same across all devices, the user experience is the same. The average user will use 2-3 devices to view your website a RWD ensures the same user experience on all visits.

Easier To Manage

With a responsive website you only need to update a single site. No more need to make the change on a mobile site and a desktop site. You only need to manage one SEO campaign and one inventory system.