Progressive Websites For The Innovative Dealership.

Attract new shoppers to your dealer site through Advanced SEO.
Convert shoppers into customers through User Experience.

Steering Innovation Dealer Website Platform

Progressive Websites For The Innovative Dealership.

Progressive, Responsive dealership websites built on the foundation of quality user experience. Steering Innovation uses Persuasive User Experience Design and the use of psychology triggers to increase your VDP conversions, form submissions, phone calls, texts, and showroom visits from your dealership website.

Progressive Websites For The Innovative Dealership

What YOU Get With A Steering Innovation Website Solution...

Forget Dealer Parity & Improve YOUR Dealer Website Today!

Responsive, Progressive Website Design

Responsive, Progressive Website Design, Steering Innovation

Innovative, custom designed automotive dealer website build with Bootstrap on the WordPress platform. At Steering Innovation we use the proven WordPress platform to deliver the best admin Content Management System, best SEO platform, and coupled with custom designed theme, your dealer website will stand a cut above the competition.

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Responsive, Progressive Dealer Website Design

Persuasive User Experience (UX) Design

Use Persuasion to Convert Shoppers into Customers.

The use of psychology triggers to increase your VDP conversions, form submissions, phone calls, texts, and showroom visits from your dealership website.

  • Reciprocation - You provide something of value for the visitor, he or she give you something in return.
  • Social Influence (Social Proof) - People are guided by the experiences of others.
  • Scarcity - Demand for item increases as the perceived availability decreases.
  • Framing - People avoid extremes and gravitate towards the middle.
  • Salience - Shoppers are draw to an item that interests them at a certain time in buying cycle.
  • Contrasting Elements - Items on a website that contrast in color or shape will drawn the eyes of a visitor.

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Persuasive User Experience Dealer Website Design, Steering Innovation

Reporting, Analytics, Strategy Meetings

Take the guesswork out of dealer website strategies, analytics, and key performance indicators.

Having the experience in a dealership, we have an knowledge & experience of presenting website analytics, KPIs, & strategies in a matter in which GMs, Sales Managers, and Corporate Teams can understand.

  • Monthly, quarterly, & yearly reports presented in an easy to understand manner.
  • We take the guesswork out your website performance, giving you the KPIs and data you need. We explain what the data means, what trends you’re experiencing, areas that need improvement, and what actions need to be taken.
  • In-site dashboard with KPIs including top inventory searches, most viewed VDPs, Audience Overview, Acquisition Overview, and more. (Coming Soon)
  • An understanding of how your website is performing, what your customers are looking for, and areas to improve.
  • Google Analytics tutorials, walk-throughs, dashboards, segments and filters setups.
Reporting, Analytics, Strategy Meetings, Steering Innovation

Landing Pages, Advanced SEO, Blogging Platform

How does a 260% increase in SEO traffic sound?

We use a proven landing page and advanced SEO strategy on your dealership's inventory pages to generate unique traffic.

Through our Advanced Dealer SEO platform, we're able to attract unique, high-quality visitors to your website.

How do these numbers sound?

  • 88%+ New Visitors from generic non-branded searches (not searching by dealer name). Ex. "Ford Dealer Omaha NE".
  • 78%+ of the New Visitors visiting inventory pages converting into a Shopper.
  • Cost Per New Customer Acquisition = $0, that's right $0. Our Advanced Dealer SEO Platform is INCLUDED!
Landing Pages, Advanced SEO, Blogging Platform

Inventory, Service Coupons, & Review Plugin

With a dealer website from Steering Innovation, you get 3 major custom-built plugins to enhance your dealer's website. In addition to the dealership Inventory Plugin, you get our Service Coupons, and Customer Review Plugin


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A/B Testing, Heatmapping, & Website Tools Admin

There are a lot of testing, heatmapping, analytics, and webmaster tools out there. At Steering Innovation we help manage each account to ensure nothing is forgotten.


Responsive, Progressive Website Design, Steering Innovation


  • Google Search Console (formally Google Webmaster Tools)
  • Google Analytics Admin and Reporting
  • CrazyEgg Heatmapping & A/B Testing Tools
  • Bing Webmaster & Maps
  • Google+ Profile / Business Listing
Website Tools Admin